Tips for Professional Success

I have been asked to randomly come up with points for professional success; I will update this entry as required in the future (no suggestion that I am perfect with any of these either):

  • be authentic and whatever you do, do it well;
  • make sure that you enjoy what you do and know why you do it well;
  • always be true to yourself – do and focus on what fits your profile instead of chasing after a career or activities that are not up your alley (identify your profile with Myers-Briggs typology);
  • lead by example – remember that bad leadership or behavior can also run downhill so ensure that your leadership or behavior is as you would expect of others;
  • always be one step ahead of the game and always go the extra mile;
  • if you don’t know the answer, always try to figure it out on your own first;
  • want something specific from your colleague? Don’t dictate on the phone forcing your colleague to jot down all you’re saying (they end-up with the work and may not understand you 100%);
  • be competent, know what you’re talking about but with a friendly disposition;
  • become a mentor to those around you;
  • if you find that not many want to be mentored by you, it’s possible that you need to fix or enhance something with yourself (change, add to or subtract);
  • don’t join or hold telephone conferences while driving your children to school or other activities (this is also very dangerous);
  • complete your Myers-Briggs Personality Type assessment;
  • complete your iPersonic Personality Test;
  • complete and identify your Clifton StrengthsFinder Signature Themes;
  • and enjoy life at the same time.