Screenr comes to your rescue!

I have been so busy for so many months with so many other things (other than traditional eLearning development) that I have spaced (again) on this magnificent Screenr℠, created by Articulate®.

You must check it out; it’s scary cool and scary easy! You may not even be involved in eLearning development and will still find that this can be beneficial for you to record a screencast from your computer to then publish and share with others.  You can even log in with your Facebook account (or other) and share the recorded video via Facebook, Twitter, your own website (embedding) and YouTube.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be very careful when deleting your Facebook, LinkedIn or other account you used to establish your Screenr profile with – if and when you do delete, the videos created and saved are NOT automatically deleted.  Hence, you first and foremost need to make sure that you delete (if required) any recordings made with the profile connected to the Facebook, LinkedIn or other account you plan on deleting – again, these recordings will not automatically be deleted.