Why education is so important

Yes, there are dozens of reasons why education is critically important for the well-being of a society filled with happy people but here’s a thought that just came to mind, on-the-fly. This is most likely nothing new but this simple reasoning came across me this evening so here it is:

  • Education is important because when someone truly learns something and realizes that they just learned something (e.g. brand new finding or refreshed knowledge) it makes them happy and gives them a sense of importance – it makes one feel worthwhile and triggers a desire to push on.  So, make sure that all children and young adults are treated as they need to be and focus attention on their education and they’ll feel good about themselves and want to learn more and share their happiness with others; the societies they live in will positively enhance / improve.

What do you think?  Makes sense doesn’t it?🙂

Even refreshed knowledge and skills from the past can make you happy