Flash10Updater.exe – .NET Framework Initialization Error

Current Issue (April 20, 2013): Although I am familiar with „Why are my presentations not loading with Flash Player 10?“ and have been since November 2008, since I ran the Flash 10 Updater on several, previously published Articulate Presenter learning modules, I am now having issues launching and running the program (which I just installed this morning) on my personal laptop (I have Windows 7 Home Premium installed).

Installation seems to go very well but when I double-click on the Flash 10 Updater from my desktop, I receive a Flash10Updater.exe – .NET Framework Initialization Error which states: „Unable to find a version of the runtime to run this application.“  I have posted my issue to Articulate’s E-Learning Heroes community forum and am currently awaiting a response.  Once I learn what my problem is I will update this blog.

Flash10Updater.exe - .NET Framework Initialization Error

Today (April 23, 2013): I received a response from Articulate that the article I was reading contained a broken link; they provided me with the updated link to install Service Pack 2 for .NET Framework 2.0 (Install NetFx20SP2_x64.exe).  At this point in time I will admit I don’t think I know much about .NET Framework🙂

Service Pack 2 for .NET Framework 2.0 (Install NetFx20SP2_x64.exe)

Turn Windows features on or off (A)

Turn Windows features on or off (B)

Turn Windows features on or off (C)

Turn Windows features on or off (D)

NEXT: In addition to the above, I also performed a Windows Update:

Windows Update (A)

Windows Update (B)

Windows Update (C)

Windows Update (D)

NEXT: After rebooting and reading through the article again (“Download .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2 from Official Microsoft Download Center”) I noticed that I should install an update – KB959209 to address a set of known application compatibility issues – I did this which resulted in the following (remember, I am fairly certain I have no clue🙂 about .NET Framework and why this is relevant for my Flash 10 Updater program I simply want to use to fixed older published Articulate Presenter courses / presentations):

Install Update KB959209 (A)

Install Update KB959209 (B)

NEXT STEPS (April 23, 2013): I will reply to Articulate’s response, via E-Learning Heroes to see if they can provide me with a quick fix to this (along with clarification🙂 about .NET Framework for Dummies and it’s relation to the Flash 10 Updater) but may need to reach out to their support team.  Wish me luck and have a great day!