CamStudio Free Screen Recording Software

If you’re looking for free screen recording software (Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7), you may find CamStudio very helpful; it’s very easy to install and use. It was originally released by a company called “RenderSoft” – check out CamStudio’s History for further details.

You can record (w or w/o voice over) a region, a fixed region, a window or a full screen; content is saved as an AVI file which can be published as an SWF – there’s also an SWF producer which converts AVI to Flash (SWF).

You can use the AVI files you create for any purpose, including commercial purposes.  If you have no budget for software expenditures then this may be a good solution for you.


CamStudio SWF Producer

NOTE: This is not TechSmith’s Camtasia Studio which of course is much more powerful and useful for anything above and beyond a simple .AVI recording.

Contact me with any questions if you can’t find the information you’re looking for from their Frequently Asked Questions or from the Support Forum (you’ll have to first apply for membership to the Support Forum – if you want to get involved – by sending an eMail to in order to receive an invitation code).