Wordle Word Clouds

So you enjoy your site’s automatically-generated word cloud with links into the content they represent? What if you wanted to create your own offline word cloud to depict something you were focusing on, in order to save the image for a presentation or many other uses? Wordle is your answer!

Generate word clouds from any text you provide.  Access Wordle Create and paste in any text you have (let your imagination wander or contact me if you can’t see the possible usage here) – as an example, I will take all of the text from my CV/Résumé and create the following (this is a simple example by copying and pasting everything from my file) – after generating, you can change the font, layout, color, etc.:

Wordle Create

If you’re not picky on color, font, etc. simply click on Ramdomize until you find the perfect look and feel:

Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.

Contact me with any questions.