SlidePresenter will knock your socks off!!!

SlidePresenter – you have got to try it out!!!🙂

If you know me well, you know I am already in love with at least three eLearning authoring programs – this week I fell in love again; with SlidePresenter (very different compared to other internal or external solutions and well worth looking into). After testing and even meeting up with the CEO this week, here at home in Frankfurt/M., I decided I just had to write about this brilliant solution I certainly will be watching, recommending and leveraging going forward.

You may find some kinks here and there as well as enhancements you’d love to see implemented but I am convinced this will improve in the near future and be greater than it already is.  Trust me, when you launch your first published presentation and experience the results – in particular the full screen mode – you’ll immediately want more.

The site and their blog are both available in German and English (and you can switch between languages at any time; even during development).

So, let’s have a very high-level look at SlidePresenter (with what I know today from my testing and research).

Why use SlidePresenter?

  • You have something important to say and deliver to a wide audience – you want to deliver a video message (already generated and available for publishing) of yourself talking about whatever it is that is important to you.
  • You have a PowerPoint presentation or a PDF file or images, etc. that you want displayed when you talk about your important topic.
  • You have no time or capability (internally or externally) to have standard authoring programs used to package and publish your content e.g. from an instructional designer / eLearning developer and hosted in a Content Management Server (CMS) followed by other complexities.
  • You can use a computer and read simple instructions to load content into a platform followed by tweaking a few simple items and publishing your content.
  • You’re a professor, a freelancer, a CEO of a mid-sized or large-sized company that needs to provide a visual and verbal delivery of content (whatever it may be; training, business imperative updates, marketing videos, etc.) to an audience that wants and needs your content on-demand and to review again in the future – perhaps you want to charge for the full view of the content, if not free (this is standard functionality available).
  • You want to embed your content into your internal or external sites, your blogs – send links to your presentations to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and XING.
  • You don’t want to deal with any current, technical roadblocks posed by other solutions (e.g. is it HTML 5-enabled, is it mobile-enabled).
  • Sure, you can do something similar (as an eLearning developer for your SME / Sponsor) with authoring programs but you need to host the content you publish somewhere – where will that be and does the solution need to be so complex and expensive if it’s just a video message with imagery (e.g. PowerPoint slides, PDF or picture images)?
  • You are the SME / Sponsor and you don’t have access to an eLearning developer, the training department, etc. and would like to spend less time developing and publishing your content.

How to use SlidePresenter (very high-level; several details not introduced)

SlidePresenter (A) Load Content

SlidePresenter (B) Configure your presentation

SlidePresenter (C) Title, Description, Speaker, Language, etc.

Simple examples of the results (click here)

SlidePresenter Results

SlidePresenter Results - Full Screen Mode

SlidePresenter Results - Manage Presentations

SlidePresenter Results - Search and Find

SlidePresenter Results - Share with Social Networks

Contact SlidePresenter with any questions – OR – contact me so I can tell you what I know and how excited I am about SlidePresenter!