chayns® zaps your Facebook Page content into a Smartphone App

Thanks to effeff® (consulting for virtual business realities) for introducing me to Tobit.Software’s VERY COOL and easy to leverage App for Facebook Pages’ content that is zapped into your own, downloadable App – chayns® which I highly recommend checking out; I am just barely learning about it now but am thrilled to hear that such an affordable (€uro 29,50 per month) solution is available.

I personally won’t have any time nor capacity to learn how to create Apps going forward (nor is it my cup of tea) and assume this may be the case for many others so, this could be the answer to your current thoughts about getting your business, restaurant, club, association, organization, etc. available as a free, downloadable App!!!🙂

Currently you need to understand German to use their site, instructions, etc. but I believe they’ll be offering all of this in English soon if I remember correctly (perhaps even other European / global languages as they grow).  The affordable solution is very simple to install and creates a “Willkommen” component from your Facebook Page – check this out from effeff® and/or chayns® – followed by a great, downloadable App with your Facebook Page’s content, from the Apple App Store, BlackBerry World, Google Play Store, etc.

Contact the VERY FRIENDLY and COMPETENT staff at Tobit.Software with any questions.