Video Hosting Examples

Using my one video “FFM Stadtwald und Jacobiweiher mit Poochie + Obernburg mit Mutti” as an example, this blog will focus on the different possibilities I am currently leveraging to host and share video files (via this WordPress site’s media library, YouTube, Vimeo, Kaltura and TechSmith’s

WordPress Blog Site’s Media Library

I really like loading my videos to WordPress – keeping my videos and imagery in the “same site”.

Video Hosting Examples - WordPress - Add Media - Embed Video File

Video Hosting Examples - WordPress - Share, Thumbnail, Likes and Sharing Buttons


YouTube Channel (Video Manager)

My first choice is to load video files into my WordPress Media Library and my second choice is to load the video file into YouTube and embed the link to the video on YouTube from my WordPress site’s posting (which is very easy / user intuitive).  Often, I will host my videos in WordPress and in addition, load them into YouTube as well, providing a link to the posting from WordPress from the video on YouTube (e.g. if I want the video to be visible / identifiable directly from YouTube but want to lead users to the WordPress posting for details, text, clarification, etc.).

Video Hosting Examples - YouTube - Share via Embedding



Although I find Vimeo very user intuitive, I don’t find too many reasons for using it more than WordPress or YouTube; at least I can easily grab a direct link to the video (, share via Facebook, Twitter, etc. and the code to embed (updated by WordPress after copying and pasting) is accepted by my WordPress site which is currently hosted on as of now (I may move the site to an external web hosting solution to leverage more options).  Definitely thumbs up for Vimeo with the aforementioned as well as the user interface (fresh, rich and intuitive).

Video Hosting Examples - Vimeo - Share and Embed


Kaltura Open Source Video

Kaltura is definitely one of the Kings out there, in particular for large enterprises, enhancing their intranet and internal knowledge exchange solutions; social media for learning.  I am very impressed with their trial offering which doesn’t expire so you have plenty of space and time to test much of the standard functionality available.  Big thumbs up here as well as for their sales representatives who are very communicative, competent and friendly!

Video Hosting Examples - Kaltura - Metadata

Video Hosting Examples - Kaltura - Thumbnails

Video Hosting Examples - Kaltura - Embedding

Since my WordPress site is hosted on, I cannot embed the code to display and playback the video here (maybe later on after I move my WordPress site to a web hosting solution from STRATO) – if and when that time comes, I will leverage “Kaltura’s All in One WordPress Video Plugin”.

However, what I can do is separately link to the video via the link you receive from the same embedding window (see above) which is (specific for this video): – from there, I can additionally share to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even by creating a new WordPress posting.

Video Hosting Examples - Kaltura - Share (TechSmith)

Certainly I appreciate TechSmith’s Camtasia Studio and Snagit but I haven’t yet been “tickled” by – I can grab the direct link ( but am challenged with the embedding links available (talking as a simple user and wanting this process to be more user intuitive).

Video Hosting Examples -