KnowledgeVision is “SLICK”!

Check out my first test example (via desktop / laptop, iPad or iPhone) with KnowledgeVision; it’s “slick”!

KnowledgeVision Example via iPad

KnowledgeVision Example via iPhone

Normally you would load and display a video of yourself truly presenting; in this case I created a .WMV file from my picture and a previously recorded .WAV file – loading the “video” for my first test / example.

The KVStudio Builder is simple to use – very user intuitive; from here you load your files (e.g. PowerPoint), configure / synchronize and publish – the direct link and embedding code are both provided.  KVCentral online is also full of simplicity and brilliant engineering / quality and last, but not least, KVQuick!

KnowledgeVision KVStudio Builder

KnowledgeVision KVCentral and KVQuick

Hopefully I can convince KnowledgeVision to keep my example loaded, longer than the 14-day trial – you should definitely check it out if you’re interested in Online Presentation Platforms!!!

Contact KnowledgeVision with any questions – OR – contact me to learn of my experience so far.