Articulate Online, your ReL hosting BFF!!!

Are you already familiar with and/or using Articulate Online? If so, congratulations! No? Then keep reading.

So you already enjoy using Articulate’s award winning, affordable and easy to use Presenter, Engage, Quizmaker and Storyline for your Rapid and custom eLearning development?  No?  Well, check ‘em out soon then – assuming you do or that you’re simply curious, we’ll continue.

Yes, like myself, you can locally publish your Articulate-based content and load the content via FTP to your webserver (I do this too, in order to share examples).  However, if you’re not leveraging a Learning Management System (LMS), you’re not receiving additional functionality to seamlessly configure the loaded content.  It’s also a further step for you, to host your packaged and published Rapid eLearning (ReL) content elsewhere; this is where Articulate Online (CMS / LMS) comes into play and may indeed become your “Best Friend Forever” (BFF).

How cool and convenient would it be to click publish and have your content move immediately into a CMS / an LMS with several features like reports, managing permissions, tracking viewer information, sending invitations to or embedding links to your content, tagging and much more?

Well, I have tested it again and I am still highly impressed; let me share with you my results from today:

The Content list displays all items you have loaded into Articulate Online – additionally you can filter on these uploaded presentations, interactions and quizzes, via the tags saved per item.

Articulate Online - Content List with Filter Option by Tags

Publishing directly from Storyline, Presenter, Engage and Quizmaker into Articulate Online is simply simple and very quick indeed!  Screenshots below (from Presenter) are similar with Storyline, Engage and Quizmaker.

Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.

So now you’ve loaded your content into Articulate Online; what’s next?

You’ll really like the rich quality and informative Reports available, being able to control accessibility via Permissions, and asking for or requiring specific information from viewers / end-users when the content is launched (prior to playback); via the Guestbook tab.  From the Invite tab, you can copy the direct link to your content, send invitation eMails to friends or colleagues to access your content and even create a great looking launch image / button to embed into your website.  Last, but not least, you’ll want to tag each item loaded; from the Tags tab.

Articulate Online - Configure Loaded Content (Reports)

Articulate Online - Configure Loaded Content (Permissions)

Articulate Online - Configure Loaded Content (Collect Data from Viewers)

Articulate Online - Configure Loaded Content (Link to Content, Invite and Launch Button)

Articulate Online - Configure Loaded Content (Tags)

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