In amore con Docebo SaaS

Thanks to a sfolgorante prodotto and communicative, friendly and competent Help Desk staff (you know who you are) in Napoli, Italia🙂 I am happy to announce that I am now the proud owner of a 5 user ID account at docebo® with my new cloud-based learning management system (LMS), Docebo SaaS – for LinDion Services.

Let’s have a high-level look at what the Italians have to offer and what I know so far:

  • After publishing the SCORM-based content from the authoring software I use, I simply take the WinZip file and load it into my platform – seconds later, it’s available
  • I can load as much content as I’d like; there is no limit on size or number of courses added
  • I can load practically anything – even a single file (like a PDF or PPTX) if that’s what the “course” entails
  • You can un-publish a course at any time, for whatever reason, followed by republishing again in the future
  • The Administration Dashboard is available in 30+ languages
  • Comparing other equivalents, I am unfortunately limited on the active end-users (by month) that access my platform / my courses; I can however control who accesses my courses as active users
  • Yearly billing gives me two months free otherwise, I can choose monthly billing and cancel at any time
  • I can create and send a newsletter / communication (disseminated via eMail) to all of my active users
  • Manage curricula and catalogs like you’re accustomed to from other LMS solutions
  • Subscription methods to your curricula and courses are manageable: Only Admin, Moderate and Free
  • Create your own certification program, granting certificates (developed and hosted within your LMS)
  • Manage competencies and functional roles
  • Molto, molto, molto di più…

Certainly it will take a while for me to build-out my own LMS, which will grow (slowly but surely) as I add new MS-SharePoint site-related courses to my curricula and catalogs I have started off with – who knows, perhaps you’ll want to acquire my “MS-SharePoint Fundamentals” certificate in a few months from now🙂

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Curriculum Management

Docebo SaaS - Curricula (A)

Docebo SaaS - Curricula (B)

Catalog Management

Docebo SaaS - Catalogs (A)

Docebo SaaS - Catalogs (B)

Certificate Management

Docebo SaaS - Certificate Management (A)

Docebo SaaS - Certificate Management (B)

Augurando a tutti un bel fine settimana!

Contact the Docebo Team with your questions or let me know if I can help out with anything.