Teleprompter Suggestions

This post will serve (at the very least) as a record and reference for myself, pertaining to my 24 hour marathon “learn and research activity” which began yesterday evening and ended just now; hopefully some of this information and/or links to software, products and solutions help others as well.

So, what happened?  Well, I “got a wild hair”🙂 yesterday and excited about recording face value video, representing all of my documentation as well as the services I offer, products I enjoy using, etc.  Although I have been integrating my voice and others’ videos into several Rapid eLearning demos/app sims, nuggets, modules, courses, presentations and the like over the years, I have been a bit lazy with my own face value video recording which is much more credible, powerful and often easier to get your message out (professional content that is, not my 487+ family / vacation-related videos). :-)  I decided that it was always going to be impossible to record all of my content, memorizing everything and recording without a teleprompter.

During the past 24 hours, researching and comparing, learning what you can do and how, I have decided to go with the following products, apps, solutions, etc.  A huge thanks goes out to my cousin from San Diego, Becky Sangha (The Online Video Marketer) and the Sales Manager at MBF Filmtechnik in Frankfurt/M., Christian Anderson:

  • I can continue using my older Canon Digital Video Camcorder MV700, my little Canon Digital IXUS 75 and my new Canon EOS 1100D (they all record great video content)
  • To display the text with my newly ordered teleprompter, I will use Teleprompt+ for iPad (€uro 13,99) and Teleprompt+ Remote (both by Bombing Brain Interactive)
  • The teleprompt I have ordered is the TP-300 Tablet Prompter from datavideo® in The Netherlands, as well as the HC-300 Hard Case
  • The only other piece remaining is a professional tripod; we’ll look at some this week and choose a good, affordable one – better than the older one I have today
  • I assume that the teleprompter I have chosen (ca. €uro 450,-) will be sufficient – the other one I identified was the ProPrompter HDi Pro2 from Bodelin Technologies in Oregon, for $1,195.00
  • The other affordable teleprompter software (for my iMac and Windows laptop) I was introduced to (but won’t need at this point in time) is Prompt! v 7.5 from
  • And last but not least, the other app I purchased and checked out, but won’t use primarily, is Teleprompter Pro for $3.99 (there’s a “Lite” version but you can’t adjust the speed as desired with the free, lite version)

One again, thank you to all that helped me out with this – please let me know if you have any questions.