Prezi Pro! Amazing what you can do with $159

So, let’s assume that you want to quickly develop, host, and share presentation-related content (text, images, voice narration and video). You don’t want to struggle with evaluating, selecting and purchasing any software, which authoring program to purchase or how you’ll host your presentation content.

You have less than $200 US dollars in your piggy bank each and every fiscal year for this.  You need this solution to be simple, of high quality and equipped with the ability to present and share on-demand as well as use your own logo, get support when you need it and you find that it would be beneficial to work on your presentation offline, uploading the content later on, to an Online Presentation Platform.

Look no further!  Prezi Pro for $159 is waiting to please you; here’s what I have found, published, and like so far:

  • Prezi Pro gives you an immediate, very easy-to-use (and hosting) solution, providing you with the ability to:
    • select from several templates to begin creating your presentation content;
    • change your personal profile page from public to private (click here to see my public profile);
    • create content online and offline (via both Windows and Macintosh operating systems);
    • view content with your iPhone;
    • view and edit content with your iPad;
    • collectively edit presentation content with your colleagues (located anywhere) who have a Prezi account;
    • present your online content with anyone, anywhere – up to 30 participants – with or without a Prezi account (audience members follow as you navigate and present your content);
    • share your online presentation content with a direct link and/or embed your online presentation content into other sites and media;
    • allow other Prezi users to leverage / use your presentation content;
    • collect comments about your online presentation content;
    • display a full transcript of your presentation (all text from all slides);
    • host 2 GB of content;
    • and receive premium support (answers to your questions in less than 24 hours).
  • When you purchase Prezi Pro, they even give you 30 days to test and cancel, before they charge you.
  • Access my “Version Tracking with SharePoint Lists” and “90 Second Spot” presentations and experience Prezi for yourself – it may take a tiny bit getting used to (the navigation) but once you quickly identify the nifty features, you’ll be highly impressed and shortly after, you’ll most likely be creating your own Prezi presentation!

Prezi Pro! Elképesztő, amit 159 $ fog kapni!  Gratulálok a három, eredeti magyar alapítók: Péter Árvai, Szabolcs Somlai-Fischer and Péter Halácsy.

Prezi Pro! Amazing what you can do with $159 US dollars

Prezi Viewer for iPhone

Prezi for iPad (View and Edit Presentation Content)

Let me know if you have any questions.