Are Rapid eLearning Courses Downloadable?

Your Question: You realize that the published files from your Rapid eLearning course / presentation (packaged and published with Articulate Studio ‘09) are hosted within your Learning Content Management System (LCMS) and are accessed via a specific code and link from your LMS; that the content is played-back / accessed online. You want to know though if you can request to have your course downloadable in order for your end-users to watch and interact with the content offline.

Our Answer: No is the quick answer; let me explain though and introduce some possibilities.  When LinDion Services packages and publishes your course / presentation, we’re talking about having content published quickly and made available to your end-users plus, providing the ability to also have your course updated as often as required.  With your published course available only online, you’ll never have to worry about your end-users with old course content on their computers.  Articulate software (Rapid eLearning) is based primarily on making published content available only online which avoids all other additional work and costs in providing the course / presentation content offline (e.g. installable executables, CDs).

Installable Executables (.EXEs): Of course it’s technically possible to have an installable executable (.EXE) created and hosted within your webserver for downloading and installing content to a local hard-drive, but this will generate more cost and complexity – you’ll also end-up with further work and cost when the content (now sitting on your end-users’ personal computers) needs to be removed and updated with new content.  In today’s world of Rapid eLearning, you want to keep your content online (if possible) such that the online content only needs to be updated, without the hassle of worrying about outdated content sitting on your participants’ local hard-drives.

Other Offline or non-LCMS Options: If you’re leveraging our standard Rapid eLearning development services and plan to have the course / presentation linked to (available) from your Learning (Content) Management System, then your published course files will sit within your webserver.  These published files however, can be placed elsewhere, for example, within a folder of a document library from your SharePoint site (or any other non-LCMS hosting platform) – you can then link to the content for online playback and shouldn’t have any difficulties with today’s technology and most end-users with a stable internet connection.

As mentioned above, if your published Rapid eLearning product does not need to be hosted within and linked to from your LCMS, then your product is probably something of „non-training“ / „non-course“ or „internal content / presentation“ nature or rather, you do not care to track attendance via your LMS’ course code.  Many Rapid eLearning presentations are simply team-specific online presentations which provide content about something your group is interested in; it is not a „course“ or rather, it does not need to be linked to from your LMS, nor do the published files need to be hosted within your LCMS for “general access”.  If your Rapid eLearning product is of such nature, you can still leverage our services.  You may simply want LinDion Services to send you the published files for you to load into your SharePoint site or other, after which you would link to this from elsewhere (outside of your LMS).  If applicable, you could also host the published files in a WinZip file within your SharePoint site for your team members to download and install on their hard-drives for offline playback.  You will not want to choose this option if your course / presentation is to be made available from your LMS – this would defeat the purpose of your Learning Management System.

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