Articulate: Learning Games, Interactions and Quizzes

When LinDion Services packages and publishes your Rapid eLearning course / presentation, we’ll offer the integration of Learning Games, FAQ / Glossary Interactions and Quizzes.

Learning Games (created with Articulate Presenter) can be included after any slide.  FAQ, Glossary and other template-based interactions (created with Articulate Engage) can be included within the slide area or as separate tabs from the player, built-into the course / presentation.  Quizzes can be integrated after any slide or also (created with Articulate Quizmaker), like interactions, as separate tabs from the player.

The following Articulate Presenter item will display all of these, embedded into one course / presentation: “Articulate: Learning Games, Interactions and Quizzes”.

Articulate Presenter, Engage and Quizmaker - Learning Games, Interactions and Quizzes

Remember, such individual “learning nuggets” can also be hosted and linked to separately as well as embedded into a course / presentation; here are links to the individual items you can access and experience separately:

Articulate Engage - FAQs about Living and Working in Germany

Articulate Engage - Glossary (Germany)

Articulate Quizmaker - Quiz (Germany)

Please contact us with any questions.

Download "Articulate: Learning Games, Interactions and Quizzes"