DebugMode’s Wink and Rapid eLearning

YOUR QUESTION: Can I leverage my Wink project files (.WNK) for my Rapid eLearning course / presentation?

If you are familiar with and using DebugMode’s Wink application for the creation of tutorials and presentation content (e.g. demonstrations / application simulations), here are some options for leveraging your Wink project with your Rapid eLearning course / presentation:

  1. Export the project as a PDF file and have this PDF file made downloadable from the ATTACHMENTS list of the Articulate Presenter player (your published Rapid eLearning course)
  2. Render the project, creating the .HTML and .SWF files and submit the .SWF file for inclusion in your Rapid eLearning course (viewed within the player window or launched within a separate browser window)
    • If you want the .SWF file to display within the player window, then record your demo / app sim at 800×600
    • For larger sized, recorded demos / app sims, you can choose to have the .SWF file launch from a particular slide in your presentation and played back with a new / separate browser window

Wink project files, rendered and published for Shockwave Flash Files (.SWF) can be used elsewhere, for example, loading both the generated .HTML and .SWF files to a folder of a document library of a SharePoint site and linking to the .HTML file from anywhere required (intranet or internet pages, SharePoint sites, communications, presentations, etc.).  Launching the .HTML file controls the playback of the .SWF file – the .SWF file is played back with Adobe Flash Player which is 99% available within most internet browsers (e.g. Windows Internet Explorer).

DebugMode’s Wink is tutorial and presentation creation software, primarily aimed at creating tutorials on how to use software. Using Wink, you can capture screenshots, add explanation boxes, buttons, titles etc. and generate a highly effective tutorial for your users.

Wink is “freeware”, available for business or personal use.  However if you want to redistribute Wink, you need to get permission from the author,

Response from Satish: “Wink is free for business and commercial use. What you create using Wink (tutorials, movies, html pages, PDFs, etc.) is yours and you can host and distribute the published content as you wish. But you should not redistribute the Wink application itself, for that you need to obtain my permission and mostly a license.”

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