Rapid eLearning Development Costs

What does LinDion Services‘ Rapid eLearning Packaging and Publishing cost?

This short document intends to provide current and future clients of LinDion Services with a good idea of what costs are involved for the packaging and publishing services of your Rapid eLearning courses / presentations. Click here if you’re not yet familiar with our Rapid eLearning Packaging and Publishing Services.

Standardization and Assumptions

LinDion Services primarily focuses on providing a standard packaging and publishing solution for most clients and their projects, in order to streamline detailed processes and provide quality service at reasonable rates.  This strategy is what defines “Rapid” eLearning development.  Certainly we’ll be more than pleased to service your project as required with any additional customization and skills we’re equipped with providing.

The following assumptions are made with the pricing estimates found within this document:

  • All PowerPoint slide content is complete and ready for packaging (no enhancements required or requested)
  • All recorded voice narration (.WAV) files submitted are complete and ready to be imported without any audio adjustments required or requested
  • Interaction (FAQs, Glossary, other) and Quiz specifications submitted for development and embedment are clearly stated with little or no clarification required
  • No specific requirements to update standard player labeling – currently available in 28 languages including Chinese (simplified and traditional) Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian) and Spanish (universal), etc.
  • Turnaround within 3 business days, upon final request and submission of all required content

As an example (click here), with the following content expectations, the invoiced amount for this Rapid eLearning course / presentation would be 464 €uro (excluding local VAT, applicable only in Germany and within the EU for clients without a VAT identification number):

  • # of slides with voice narration to import: 30
  • # of slides with animation to synch with voice narration: 5
  • # of links to test and/or add to „ATTACHMENTS“: 10
  • # of Engage FAQ items: 6
  • # of Engage Glossary items: 45
  • # of Quizmaker items: 20
  • # of videos / demos / app sims to embed: 2
  • SCORM / AICC reporting and tracking specifications: Yes

Add an additional 226 €uro and one development day, if you were to have LinDion Services record the voice narration for your content.  Contact us via eMail with any questions.

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