Questions to Ask: Assessing Tool Choice (Articulate and Webinars)

The following are learning oriented questions to ask of content owners who believe they want to set up one or multiple live webinar sessions (with or without recording the webinar); the questions are geared towards choosing between Articulate Rapid E-Learning Studio and webinars.

Articulate Rapid E-Learning Studio

Before you look at identifying and reserving sessions with any webinar provider or look at Articulate as an option, please identify the following:

  • Before even determining between Articulate and webinars, you would want to know:
    • Is the content goal primarily knowledge sharing?
    • Is there urgency around the knowledge sharing?
    • Is this information that could effectively be distributed via eMail or another method?
    • Are there Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who will be able to teach / prepare the course?
  • Once in the webinar-related design space:
    • Have you determined appropriate ways to engage the live audience?
      • Polling questions
      • Dedicated faculty to monitor the chat
  • Do you require app share with your webinar or will you just be talking over PowerPoint slides?
  • Do you need to integrate any existing media files with your webinar (e.g. pre-recorded video files)?
  • How long do you anticipate the sessions to be; 45 minutes?
  • How many slides do your PowerPoint files typically contain?
  • How many participants do you truly believe would attend the live webinar session?
  • How many people would you expect / want to access and playback the recorded content?
  • What is the longevity requirement of the recorded content and, would you be interested in updating a recorded course / presentation if you could?

Summary and Quick Identification Steps:

A) Identify if you need to use application sharing with the webinar; do you have a requirement to show the usage, for example, of SAP, etc. like a demonstration, during the live webinar?
B) Identify if you’re simply delivering a PowerPoint file and talking about the content within, as well as adding available content that simply needs to be packaged and published for easy, online access.
C) Does the recorded webinar need to be made available later on and longer than 6 months?

If the answer to A is no and the answer to B is yes and the answer to C is yes, do not choose a webinar; choose LinDion Services’ Rapid eLearning Packaging and Publishing Services.

Contact us with any questions or concerns.

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