The Light at the End of the Tunnel (Articulate Mobile Player)

Although I had already installed and used (a bit) Articulate’s Mobile Player for my iPad, I hadn’t yet fully reached the euphoria like I have been enjoying during the past couple of days – imagining just exactly how very fascinating this is and how thousands and thousands of eLearning developers and end-users around the globe will share the enthusiasm very soon (if not already).

Articulate Mobile Player = “Mobile learning at its finest.”

See, I am accustomed to Articulate Rapid E-Learning Studio ’09 and have only published two Articulate Storyline items up until now (Studio ’09 content cannot be published to HTML5 and iOS, Storyline can).  After having recently finalized “Professional Introduction (Berufliche Vorstellung)” and enjoying HTML5 and viewing via the Articulate Mobile Player (by making the following selections during publishing), I realized again that I could save the content for offline viewing, via the Articulate Mobile Player and my iPad (unprecedented quality and user interface).

Articulate Mobile Player (Publishing for HTML5 and Mobile Devices)

Articulate Mobile Player (Content Available Offline)

Articulate Mobile Player (Mobile Learning at its Finest)

Then I thought I would have another look at the Articulate Mobile Player iTunes Preview page and “it hit me like a lead balloon” – underneath “What’s New in Version 2.12” – SUPPORT FOR STUDIO ’13 CONTENT!!!  Well of course, YES – I knew that, right?!?!  Guess it hadn’t sunk in yet.

Although we’re still all waiting for Studio ’13 to be released, my imagination started to fly – how VERY COOL is this going to be when I can make all of my content (Storyline, Presenter, Engage and Quizmaker) available offline, via the Articulate Mobile Player!

I can take my iPad to a client and share example content with them offline!  Anyone with an iPad can view my content offline, sitting in a train, flying around the world, at the beach – with or without internet access.  Can you feel my enthusiasm now?🙂

Let me know if you have any questions.