Creating Filter Views

From standard, public views within a SharePoint site’s list, end-users can use the filter function to drill-down to content displayed within the current view (content / selections from columns displayed or not displayed within the view). Additionally, URLs can also be generated from a filter view for further use (e.g. for communications, linking to from performance support content, etc.).

The following instructions below will focus on the creation of one filter view from the All Content view of LinDion Services’ Learning Catalog (using the MS-SharePoint Category column selection) – these instructions can be applied to any other list’s standard views.

This solution is applied to such standard views when you want to display specific list items carrying a specific column’s selection, without having to show the actual column displayed within the view (that end-users would then normally filter on by themselves – this is a design approach / solution).

The attribute you want to filter on must also be viewable within the list’s standard view to begin with, in order for you to grab the filter view URL (grouped attributes are not available for filtering) – add the column to the view (anywhere) in order to generate the filter view URL (the column will be removed from the view later on).

MS-SharePoint: Creating Filter Views (Introduction)

Example: Category ‘MS-SharePoint’ from the All Content view.  From the standard view, filter the newly added Category column and choose ‘MS-SharePoint’.

MS-SharePoint: Creating Filter Views (Filtering the Category Column)

Notice that your view changes, showing you only list items that contain Category ‘MS-SharePoint’.  Notice the URL from the address bar:


In order to shorten the URL, within the address bar, delete everything from aspx? to FilterField1 (View={41F41474-B175-4FBF-9E69-95E88DF53471}&) and click Enter to refresh the view.  Note that the view looks the same (which it is) and that you now have a shorter URL you can work better with, adding this to communications, performance support content, other sites, etc.


MS-SharePoint: Creating Filter Views (Category Column Filtered with MS-SharePoint)

Now that we have captured the filter view URL, we’ll go ahead and remove the Category column from displaying within the view as it is redundant – it’s being used already to bundle / group together list items (the filter view URL previously captured will still work).

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