Recording Voice Narration with PowerPoint

LinDion Services recommends using Audacity to record voice narration (.WAV files) that you then submit to us for packaging and publishing. If you do not leverage our services or anything besides PowerPoint itself, this performance support item may be helpful for you. Although the quality is not superb, recording your voice narration with PowerPoint is very simple.

  • From the slide you want to record audio narration for, select >Insert >Media >Audio >Record Audio
  • Update the name (Recorded Sound) with a specific name if applicable
  • Click on the Record icon and speak into your headset’s microphone; the better the headset and soundcard you have, the better the quality of your recording
  • When you’re finished recording the voice narration, click the Stop icon
  • Click the Play icon to listen to your recording
  • If you need to continue recording, simply click the Record icon again, then the Stop icon and if you need to record even more, continue that process until you’re finished after which you click OK
  • Notice the Sound Icon now available on the slide
  • When you view the presentation in Slide Show, you simply click on the Sound Icon to playback the recording; from the normal view of the presentation, you can also listen to the recording by simply right-clicking on the Sound Icon and selecting Preview or simply by clicking on the Sound Icon once, followed by clicking Play
  • Additionally, right-click and Trim Audio as well as use Custom Animation to control play back

Recording Voice Narration with PowerPoint (Instructions and Results)

Access „Recording Voice Narration with Audacity“ to learn how to record your voice narration with Audacity.  If you choose this option, select >Insert >Media >Audio >Audio from File to insert the previously recorded .WAV file.

Click here to download the PowerPoint file example with the recording via PowerPoint as well as the recording from Audacity, inserted into the slide, to provide you with a comparison of options / quality.

Recording Voice Narration with PowerPoint (Download PowerPoint File)

Please contact us with any questions.

Download "Recording Voice Narration with PowerPoint"