Chroma Key (Green Screen)

After many weeks of waiting to find the time to test out my new, “inexpensive home office equipment” I ordered many weeks ago, for green screen (chroma key) video, I have finally run a very rough draft experience, leveraging the following software and equipment (after researching and testing software and hardware solutions for better audio / voice narration recordings):

  • TechSmith’s Camtasia Studio Version 8.2.0 (Build 1416) from November 2013
  • Canon Digital IXUS 75 (didn’t use the video recording example from last night, with my iPhone 4 which was just awful) – I got tired of mounting and using my Canon EOS 1100D for this activity, onto my big Sachtler System Ace M GS tripod, with my DataVideo TP-300 teleprompter (I am also no longer considering my Canon MV700, since I recently learned that my Spiegelreflexkamera works great with my teleprompter)
  • For the chroma key green screen (not ironed) I used my Lightfox HISY03 and I was disappointed with the hanging, support system (one of the clips broke off and it was a “flimsy” solution) – I ended-up nailing the green cloth to my wall, in back of me – you need room for this equipment and cannot feasibly (always) unpack everything, set it up and pack it away again – a professional video and audio recording studio is worth gold (my two cents)

Although very interested and passionate about this technology and these possibilities, I have to suggest to myself and others to not go forward with attempts in establishing a “cheap home studio” (without proper information, professional consulting and knowing what you want and must do) unless you have the room and are better equipped with “professional equipment” and the time, effort and cash to invest.

TechSmith Camtasia Studio is brilliant (even with a cheap piece of fabric or filming in front of a colored wall – a color you’re not wearing or holding / displaying) but, try to only do these activities in a more professional setting with professional equipment you do not need to unpack, setup, pack away again (if not, then of course you can get by with patience and less investment) – “ain’t nobody got time for that”.

As explained from “Remove a Color (Green Screen)” and “How to create a DIY green screen video effect (aka chroma key)”, you need to work with the editing options to achieve the best results – it always is dependent on what you’re recording, in front of what and what your later usage e.g. background will be (Visual Effects: Remove a Color – Tolerance, Softness, Hue and Defringe); here is my very first, on-the-fly example, seen from the embedded video below (with commentary).

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