Frequent Bullet Point Issues

Have you ever had bullet point stress with Microsoft PowerPoint and couldn’t fix things with the Ruler? You’re not alone. I don’t think I have ever had bullet point issues anywhere else but in and with some PowerPoint files I have either created myself or have received from customers to adjust.

Many (including myself) have tried to futz around with these issues by activating the Ruler and adjusting from there – I have found that using Paragraph (Indents and Spacing) is much more effective, without paying any attention (or little) to the Ruler.

One of the most common issues I am approached with is when the extended, typed text from one bullet point doesn’t “wrap-around” as expected, beginning directly underneath the first letter / word at the beginning of the bullet point’s content; like this example.

MS-PowerPoint: Frequent Bullet Point Issues (A)

Some users may choose to activate / display the Ruler and start “moving things around”, only making matters worse.  What one should do is to open Paragraph and adjust Indents and Spacing; compare other bullet points from the same slide and you’ll most likely identify the needed change.

MS-PowerPoint: Frequent Bullet Point Issues (B)

From this specific issue, especially comparing this bullet point with other bullet points, we quickly see that the Indentation before the text has been adjusted at one point in time to zero; we just need to ensure that 0,64 cm is added to the Before field setting as it is seen within the By field.

MS-PowerPoint: Frequent Bullet Point Issues (C)

TIP: Use the keyboard functionality of Shift+Alt+–> or <– to adjust the indentation level of bullet points.

I will add to this job aid in the future as I stumble over other issues; in the meantime, please reach out to us with any questions.

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