Quickly change the case of text

Looking for quick solutions to change (en masse) the case of text from an Excel, Word or PowerPoint file? Often, when data crunching or exporting / importing data from systems and colleagues at work, you may find it helpful to be able to change a large amount of data originally provided in lower case, upper case or mixed case to its proper case or change lower to upper and upper to lower.

With Microsoft Excel, if your data has been provided to you in one column completely in upper or lower case and you’d like to change the content of all cells (rows) from that specific column, then apply the following, simple function in a new column (e.g. to the right-hand side) followed by copying this applied function to other cells below:

  • =LOWER(A1) changes all text to lower case
  • =UPPER(A9) changes all text to upper case
  • =PROPER(A3) changes all to proper case

MS-Office: Quickly change the case of text (A)

Are you using Excel 2013 already?  If so, check out the capabilities with “Flash Fill” under Data Tools.  With the same data above and in a new column to the right, type out manually how the changed case of the text to the left should appear in that new column’s cell e.g. “Peterson, Diane” (proper case) and confirm with Enter…then, choose Ctrl+E or Flash Fill from Data Tools and the rest of the column’s content will be updated.

MS-Office: Quickly change the case of text (B)

Changing the case of text via Word or PowerPoint is even easier.  Highlight the text and select your desired changes from the Change Case icon under Font – alternatively, select the text and choose Shift+F3 until the desired case change is complete.

MS-Office: Quickly change the case of text (C)

In addition to the above, access “Change the case of text” (applies to Excel 2007), “Change the case of text” (applies to Excel 2013) and “Change the capitalization of text” (applies to Word and PowerPoint) for additional help and/or further details.

Please contact us with any questions.

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