Video Marketing: Interview with Jason Howard Peterson | Rhein Main Lifestyle

Jason Howard Peterson explains the benefits of video marketing, guaranteed success achieved and the perfect service offering from Rhein Main Lifestyle.

Who are you?

The Early History of Cache ValleyHi! I’m Jason Peterson. I’m originally from the United States and made my dream of living and working in Germany come true, in 1991. I was born and raised in February 1969 in a beautiful location in northern Utah.

What do you do?

Welcome to LinDion ServicesAs an independent learning and development contractor, with focus on internal training – in other words, rapid eLearning development, learning management systems and social media for learning – I sell and distribute image, product and event videos with Rhein Main Lifestyle.

Rhein Main Lifestyle: Videos and Video MarketingAfter acquisition, I accompany my clients through the entire process, including the filming appointment and finally, positioning your video within our regional YouTube channel, to generate new business for you and your company, services and/or products.

What is unique about your product and/or services?

Quality and value for your minimal expense incurred (ROI – Return on Investment). You won’t find a more competitive offer from such a dedicated, dynamic and incredibly creative team; unless of course you find your way to Rhein Main Lifestyle and our services. All of us are from Frankfurt / Rhein-Main or, have lived here for many, many years – we’re all very happily hear at home; we’re in tune with local markets.

YouTube: Rhein Main LifestyleWe’re seasoned and successful at video marketing and the requirements to generate positive results and synergies – “Traffic” – an increased audience or rather, leads / new customers. Like the snowball effect, we guarantee at least 1,000 viewers of your video, within the first 12 months.

Regionales Videomarketing für Firmen in Rhein-MainOf course you’ll receive your video with all rights – you can upload, disseminate and leverage your video as you please, in addition to hosting it within our Rhein Main Lifestyle channel on YouTube.

Why should I do business with you?

Contact me via eMailBecause I live the code which I also expect and respect from others: competence, professionalism, communicative and respect for the individual.

In addition, you’re working with a group of professionals with a common passion for videography and video marketing – years of experience in creating and distributing video content, for your benefit.

Contact me via eMail or give me a call as soon as possible. I’m looking forward to meeting you soon!

Contact 960 x 320Take advantage of these benefits now and contact me to schedule time for a short presentation of our services and the benefits of choosing our approach.