Want to borrow my “shoes?”

When preparing your home to sell, I suggest that you “put yourself in the potential buyer’s shoes” and take a look at what they will notice when they come to see your house.

That’s not the easiest thing in the world to do of course. People get used to their homes and are often a bit blind to things others may notice. But it’s also difficult for many homeowners, because they don’t deal with actual homebuyers on a daily basis. Therefore, it’s hard to really know how potential buyers typically think, feel, and react.

Luckily, I work with buyers all the time (in various areas and price ranges). So, I have a pretty good feel for what they will notice and what they won’t care about. If you’d like, I’d be glad to swing by and take a walk around your place and help you see your house and property through your future buyers’ eyes.

Just give me a call, or shoot me an email, and we can figure out a good time to get together.