Brown Shoes and Blue Suits

Inspired by colleagues in Madrid and Barcelona back in 1998/1999, brown shoes and dark blue suits became my favorite combination and now I think I might ditch the tie for the silk handkerchief: Handkerchief or Pocket Square style?

Fell in love with Monsoon!

I have fallen in love again! This time, his name is “Monsoon” – exotic, right? This sexy tax records partner of mine will definitely be worth the Full Cash Value (FCV). My holster is now chuck full of the best weaponry a REALTOR®️ could ever dream for. But wait! There’s more!!! Stay tuned or call me to schedule an appointment.

ARMLS Overlays

MLS + REALTOR®️ = Success – What other Real Estate Professional gets this excited about the Overlay feature in ARMLS? Communities, subdivisions, neighborhoods, zip codes and much more!