FS90 Mainframe

1992 – 1994 (FS90 Mainframe System Implementation)

Financial Systems for the 90's (FS90) - After ICS CCS and Prior to SAPHIGH-LEVEL PROJECT / WORK DESCRIPTION: I sure do wish I would have kept a journal back then, during the first couple of years at Accenture (*Andersen Consulting) as I don’t quite remember all of the system and work-related details during pre-FS90 life and don’t have many images left in my mind of the first mainframe system we had (ICS CCS). I began in October 1992, before we even had Windows. 🙂 Anyhow, Financial Systems for the 90’s (FS90) was to replace ICS CCS back then; which of course it did.

Certainly I knew nothing at all about change management and the difference between mainframe and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems but, thanks to my boss back then, I was engaged in several small projects that dealt with the conversion from ICS CCS to FS90 – I thank him still to this day for getting me involved in data gathering as well as working with the internal consultants that were charged with implementing FS90 at our company, in our region (for the offices we supported back then).

Again, I don’t have much detail but do remember helping these internal consultants with miscellaneous, small projects which also included (to some extent) creating printed training materials (binders and binders full of documentation) in the German language (leveraging even more binders and printed material in English, from Chicago). The work I was involved in gave me my very first taste of and experience with a couple of past colleagues from Chicago.

Since I was responsible for processing management accounting transactions and setting up system-related data for our Central Eastern European Offices (CERO), I learned FS90 very quickly and, later on, knew FS90 better than anything else I had ever known before; and I loved it too! 🙂

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