March 2001 – December 2006 (MFP and Global SAP Implementation)

MFP - Global SAP ImplementationHIGH-LEVEL PROJECT / WORK DESCRIPTION: In March of 2001, we learned for sure that SAP R/3 was coming to Accenture; internally, to replace FS90. After moving into our new office in Kronberg am Taunus (early 2002), I had to accept an additional, more fundamental change in that my beloved “ECAT” would, sooner or later, move to our larger shared service center in Dublin. This left me with a team to help change (longer-term) but without a future role in this area – at the same time, I was asked to begin working in Chicago as a training developer, super user, etc. to support the internal implementation of SAP R/3, to replace FS90.

Funny how things go in fives (5 years) but indeed, this next chapter of my professional life at Accenture became my “new baby”. I was immediately introduced to the world of “computer based learning” and figured out what “change management” really meant. My main focus was FI/CO and Intercompany Billing. I fell in love with Chicago, my new colleagues and the world of learning and development.

We created Process Overview, Process Application and System Competency course materials, leveraging TechSmith Camtasia Studio (later on Macromedia / Adobe Captivate and even Articulate Rapid E-Learning Studio) as well as internally developed and supported Saba Centra sessions with colleagues worldwide. It was the perfect match for me: training development and delivery, eLearning, local and global requirements, processes and colleagues, change management, internal communications, performance support sites, job aids and much, much more.

My innovation, visionary and creativity blossomed here in many ways – my colleague and I were given global roles in 2004, to continue building out the performance support sites, process-related learning content (with SMEs), internal processes for updating learning content based on changes with the SAP Solution at Accenture, etc.. It was indeed a very special time in my life and I am certain we were very key, to the successful implementation of SAP R/3 at Accenture as well as future shifts of work to Argentina which eventually moved us on to different work.

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