MTA Certification Program

January 2010 – January 2012

MTA Certification ProgramHIGH-LEVEL PROJECT / WORK DESCRIPTION: Although previous support of our exceptional Master Technology Architect (MTA) Certification Program had abruptly left and, at the same time, left us (me) with a pile of enhancement work to be done, I quickly fell in love with this internal certification program which we managed through a SharePoint site I was able to redo nearly completely; in concert with our learning management system (LMS) and, later on, InfoPath (developed by my colleagues).

All customized lists and libraries had to be updated (much of which were re-created or revamped nearly 100%) with performance support documentation, SLAs, process efficiencies, candidate reporting, etc., all discussed and agreed upon with global Senior Executives accountable for the certification program.

  • Self-assessment (InfoPath form)
  • Sponsor feedback
  • Interview worksheet
  • Packaged content for board review
  • FAQs, guidelines and procedures
  • LMS connection components and processes
  • Master data, tasks, events, etc.

Much of the manual lists and libraries were again and further enhanced in 2011 in concert with InfoPath and additional updates to our LMS with the Global Certification Team. Eventually, in 2012, much of the day-to-day tasks were handed over to our Shared Services Team in India. It was and still is one of the benchmark certification programs (internal) at Accenture and I am happy to be part of the fundamental, original enhancements identified, designed, developed and implemented with a brilliant team of innovative colleagues, backed by superb leadership.

Download "Project Portfolio"Download my Project Portfolio (PDF file) and contact me with any questions.

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