MTA Training Workshop

August 2011

Master Technology Architect (MTA) Training Workshop FY 2011HIGH-LEVEL PROJECT / WORK DESCRIPTION: Connected with the Master Technology Architect (MTA) Certification Program (see below), it was common to meet live, each year, to discuss the current status and future of the Technology Architecture group. During FY11 we organized an MTA training workshop and identified topics for discussion including other details, via SharePoint, our Knowledge Exchange (KX) site and our Yammer site’s group.

  • Cross team files
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Breakout topics
  • Yammer group topics
  • MTA awards

In addition, I was able to republish previously recorded interviews from consultants, pertaining to the MTA Certification Program, with TechSmith Camtasia Studio and Articulate Engage; embedding these into our Knowledge Exchange site(s) and/or linking to them from our SharePoint sites.

Download "Project Portfolio"Download my Project Portfolio (PDF file) and contact me with any questions.

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