Saba People Cloud

February – August 2012 (SABA People Cloud / Social Learning)

The Saba People CloudHIGH-LEVEL PROJECT / WORK DESCRIPTION: After having focused on several social learning initiatives and work internally, I was given the opportunity to co-lead an internal effort with our EALA sales team to implement and test social (media for) learning with Saba People Cloud / Saba Social Learning.

Although I was challenged with getting up to speed in a few days / couple of weeks with an internal group I “didn’t know”, I had great colleagues / a great team that pulled their weight to instigate the project and we were very successful, in a very short period of time, establishing the content within the Saba People Cloud / Social Learning portal for our sales team colleagues from EALA to review, use, comment on, etc.

Even with some kinks that needed to be tested, documented, and sent on to Saba, I quickly learned that Saba had a very good platform, back-end maintenance of master and personnel data and very nifty features all in one (as opposed of multiple platforms, technology and solutions that many companies leverage).  This was my last project at Accenture and indeed a brilliant experience to test such great software to support an ever growing requirement at any company – Social Media for Learning.

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