TGP Curriculum Sites

November 2008 – August 2010

TGP Curriculum SitesHIGH-LEVEL PROJECT / WORK DESCRIPTION: The Technology Growth Platform (TGP) Curriculum sites were something we created since we recognized that myLearning, wasn’t able to provide training guidance at the level of granularity we needed (i.e. the Specialty level with further drill-down into Skill Areas). My previous approaches with SharePoint custom lists were the drivers of what we ended up creating; via SharePoint, custom asset-related lists, complex HTML pages (for the Curricula at a Glance navigation my colleague mastered) and SharePoint-based publishing pages.

Initial, similar sites / tools were the SAP Training Course Catalog that I envisioned, developed and launched in March of 2007 – this was a solution and approach copied from a previous solution my colleague from Chicago and I identified and globally used for the global SAP Solution at Accenture in 2003.

After the SAP Training Course Catalog was launched, other Technology GP Capability Development Leads were interested in replicating the same approach for their own entities – the MAO Training Course Catalog was launched in May of 2008. Both the SAP and MAO solutions were based on SharePoint lists and standard views within the lists.  Technology Architecture took a different platform approach with Atlassian Confluence in 2008, with their Technology Architecture Training wiki site.

After Technology Growth Platform Capability Development leads collectively reviewed what SAP, MAO and Technology Architecture had done, we decided to look at a Technology Growth Platform-wide solution.

Discussions with CIO leads and the myLearning team generated further direction with SharePoint and not Confluence. Several individuals also reviewed the possibility of creating the solution inside of the myLearning LMS. Unfortunately, the myLearning LMS software could not support what we required back then.

Additionally, leads from our Global Capability Development (GCD) / myLearning organization thought it would be more helpful to develop training guidance based on specialty and proficiency level rather than on career level, certification programs, technology area and role. This group established a SharePoint adjunct branded as myLearning which includes what they called “Recommended Learning” or “Training Roadmaps”. The Proficiency Roadmaps (SharePoint site / content) did not fulfill our requirements that were then cared for via our new Technology GP Curriculum sites which entailed:

  • Customized, version 3 SharePoint sites
  • SharePoint server
  • 30 sub-sites
  • 25 Learning Assets lists each with 3 standard views
  • 40 standard or sub-site specific columns
  • 2,208+ Capability/Domain, Specialty/Service Line, Skill Area & Skill column selections
  • 613+ custom views of learning assets
  • Custom Welcome.aspx Publishing Pages
  • 44 Curricula at a Glance (CaaGs)
  • Custom Top Link Bar site navigation
  • Training by Workforce, Workgroup, Capability/Domain, Specialty/Service Line, Skill
  • Advanced Search
  • Only 65 MB in size
  • Available 24×7

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