The Gift of 65

The room was packed in Scottsdale this evening and he literally took the time to pre-sign everyone’s book!!! After hearing some of his quotes during training, I now have this awesome book from an even more awesome teacher, mentor and inspiring man who has simply made my beginnings here in Metro Phoenix happier. Thank you dear Randy Cooney!!! Looking forward to more of you.

One of my favorite quotes? “Learn to appreciate what you have before time forces you to only appreciate what you had.” – Philip Rankin Cooney – Author of his newest book: “The Gift of 65” and the designer of America’s National Unity Flag

Back to School!

Back to school already at the ASREB in Scottsdale with Randy Cooney‘s famous Flight to Success course: 2 classes complete and 16 more to go + training beginning soon at my new brokerage in Phoenix; will be announcing my choice soon.

Ready for the AZ Department of Real Estate!

Although there are even more happy years to come with further continued education every day, every week of every year going forward, at least now the Introduction to Contracts and Legal Issues course is final (today) hence, I can now officially submit everything to the Arizona Department of Real Estate downtown to receive my licensure for Arizona.