Thank you!

A shout out to all the wonderful people here in Metro Phoenix that have befriended us, guided, advised, comforted, instructed and helped us figure out the nuts and bolts of living in the United States; here in beautiful Arizona. The past 2 years have been full of adventure and we are deeply thankful for all that you have done for us.

Danke schön! Jason & Holger Peterson

Go take a hike!

So nice to finally find time again for a nice walk at the Dreamy Draw Hiking Area; getting away from the computer for a couple of hours. Just like my dear cousin used to always say:

Go take a hike!” – C. Checketts

Make it happen!

If you can see it, you can make it happen! Work hard, make solid decisions based on true, personal passion and a little bit of dream on top. Good luck today and enjoy your weekend too!